Roofing Project Update: Students Continue to Learn New Skills

02 November 2023

Check out the update on our Year 11 students’ roof structure project with RG Kellow Ltd and MKM Building Supplies!

Dec, Jack, Jake, Leyton and Rufus have spent the last few weeks preparing the ground and foundations and are ready to lay the initial concrete blocks for the roofing rigs.

They used jackhammers to break up the tarmac, before digging down 20cm to make way for the cement foundations, ensuring it was level at each step. Once the foundations were checked and had set, the lads were shown how to lay the concrete blocks with stability, which ensures that they are ready for the carpenters, who will be sharing their skills with our pupils next week.

During a particularly wet spell, the team were shown how to apply skim, learning that it is not as easy as it looks!

Once again, a massive thank you to RG Kellow Ltd for providing the opportunity for our pupils to learn a wide range of of construction skills on their site in Pool. Thank you also to Simon and Steve for their time and patience in sharing their skills with the team. We cannot wait for the next step!