School Charity Week – 24-28 April

19 April 2023

We’re really looking forward to this month’s Charity Week, which gets underway on Monday 24 April!

Students and staff will be taking part in lots of fundraising activities for our School Charity, Cornwall Air Ambulance, throughout the week, and you can find out more on what’s happening below! 

Monday 24 April/Tuesday 25 April – Raffle Event

What’s happening?

– A fundraising raffle event for students, with a wide range of prizes available.

– Tickets will be priced at 50p each.

When and where?

– Monday 24 April and Tuesday 25 April during both breaks in Kernewek Hall.

Tuesday 25 April – Teacher v Student (Year 10/11) Basketball Match

What’s happening?

– Year 10 and 11 students will test their on-court skills against our teachers in an all-action basketball fixture!

– To take part in the game, Year 10/11 students will be asked to pay 50p each, and to watch the fixture, students will be asked to pay 25p each. 

When and where?

– Tuesday 25 April during both lunchtimes in Kernewek Hall.

Wednesday 26 April – Bake Sale

What’s happening?

– Delicious homemade cakes, cookies and more baked items will be available for students and staff to purchase!

– Students who purchase any items from the bake sale will be able to vote in the Art Competition (items will be on display in Kernewek Hall).

When and where?

– Wednesday 26 April during both breaktimes in Kernewek Hall.

Wednesday 26 April – Art Competition

What’s happening?

– Students can submit any form of art (e.g. paintings, poetry and photos) to enter the Art Competition.

– Those pupils who enter the competition will be asked to pay 50p.

– Students who wish to vote can do so by either purchasing an item in the bake sale or by buying tokens (25p per token).

– Artwork will be on display in Kernewek Hall so students can view and vote for their favourite items.

– Prizes will be awarded to Key Stage 3 and 4 students.

When and where?

– Artwork will be on display in Kernewek Hall from Wednesday 26 April.

Friday 28 April – Non-School Uniform Day

What’s happening?

– A Non-School Uniform Day for students and staff.

– We are asking, where possible, that students bring in a donation towards our School Charity. Of course, we understand if this is not possible.

Throughout the Week – How Many Sweets are in the Jar!

What’s happening?

– Students will be asked to guess ‘how many sweets are in the jar’ to be in with a chance of winning its contents!

– The jar will be on display in Kernewek Hall during breaks and lunchtimes and each entry will cost 50p.