Special Arts Council England Visit

30 March 2023

This week, we welcomed several members of Arts Council England (ACE) – including Chair, Sir Nick Serota – to Cornwall to meet students and staff across the Penryn Partnership and learn more about our Creative Collaboratives journey.

Along with Sir Nick, ACE’s Anne Applebaum, Amanda Rigler and Jenny Wood began their visit by joining our Year 8 Science pupils in exploring the chemistry behind glazing, and how to calculate glaze recipes, with a team from Leach Pottery, St Ives.

That was before a trip to Perran-Ar-Worthal Primary School, where the ACE team joined Year 5’s exciting creative writing class with Mr Teasdale!

And, concluding the team’s two-day visit, we were thrilled to share our ambitions for our Creativity Collaboratives journey ahead, as we were joined by our cultural and industry partners, colleagues from the University of Exeter, and headteachers, teachers and governors from across the Penryn Partnership Schools.

A big thank you to the Arts Council England team for visiting us and to our Penryn Partnership friends for a fantastic couple of days!

Don’t forget – if you would like to know more about the Penryn Partnership and our three-year Creative Collaboratives journey with Arts Council England, please click here.