Sports Day 2021 Cancellation

09 July 2021

A message from Mr Walker regarding the cancellation of this year’s Sports Day:

I am very sorry to report that we will not be running our Sports Day this year. On Thursday, we took the decision to postpone this event and, on Friday, regretfully, we opted to cancel it. We made this decision for three main reasons:

– The weather was looking increasingly bleak for Friday, and the amount of equipment and organisation is so huge that we really could not chance it;

– We were also aware that Sports Day is a huge day for the whole school, and because of the large number of Year 9 students self-isolating, it felt unfair for the event to go ahead without them;

– Finally, with our Year 10 Work Experience Week taking place during the week beginning 12 July, we wanted to try and avoid mixing as much as possible so that the year group can enjoy what is an important moment in their school careers. 

On balance, we felt it was the right decision to cancel this year’s Sports Day. We are as disappointed as the students about this. We are aware how much our young people look forward to events like this, and it is heartbreaking to have to make decisions of this kind, particularly in the current climate.