Sports Day under way

24 June 2016

Sports Day FR

Sports Day got under way this morning despite the indifferent weather. All pupils took part in inclusive activities during the morning session to try and earn points for their respective houses. Activities on offer to the pupils included; rugby, football, cricket, netball, Orienteering, softball, cheerleading, dance, table tennis, badminton, skateboarding, ultimate Frisbee and a mini triathlon.



Thursday evening saw the completion of some track and field events. Some of the longer running events and field events took place in the sun leaving the shorted events to take place on Friday afternoon.

A special mention goes to the PE department who put on a great couple of days for the pupils and staff.

Which house will win goes down to the wire this afternoon with each house cheering on their peers in the hope for vital points.

Sports Day Long JumpSports Day H Jump