Statement from Devon & Cornwall Police

09 June 2023

Devon & Cornwall Police have asked us to share the following statement with parents/carers:

During half term Falmouth was subjected to large scale ASB [anti-social behaviour] by students identified from Falmouth, Penryn and Truro schools. The students congregated on Gyllyngvase Beach and the surrounding gardens. The students were stealing alcohol, abusive to members of the public, violent towards each other, violent towards members of public that challenged their behaviour and abusive to officers that attended to deal with the ongoing ASB.

Evidence is being sought to deal with those involved.

This behaviour is completely out of order and effects the whole community and will not be tolerated. We would like parents to take responsibility for their children and not only know their whereabouts but to actively discourage this type of behaviour. If the youths are prosecuted for the offences this can influence their life choices as it can prevent certain careers and even travelling to other countries.

We will not only look at prosecution but also at bail conditions and the anti-social behaviour system to control the company of those involved, where they can go to prevent re-offending and potentially reimbursing those affected.

Do you want your child to have a criminal record? Do you want your child to be criminalised? If you don’t, please speak to your child if they may have been involved or attended the location during half term and explain the potential consequences of their actions. We want this behaviour to stop.

Devon & Cornwall Police