STEAM League: Results So Far

10 December 2022

We are now three rounds into our STEAM League – a competition like the The Krypton Factor where students complete short intelligence test tasks against the clock!

So far, there has been a puzzle challenge using tangrams, a gears challenge, and a pattern recognition task. The tasks have taken an average of 10 minutes each in duration, but some can be done in less time, Kaden (Year 10) took down the gears challenge in only 45 seconds!

The times from each event can be viewed in the picture below, which show Phoebe (Year 9) as the clear leader at the moment!

The end of the academic year will see the top five students take part in a competition against the STEAM staff, involving a set of five secret challenges. Staff have looked nervous when seeing our students flying through the tests!

Please remember that any student can enter the STEAM League, and can even complete the missed tasks during lunch or at STEAM Club on a Thursday evening.

Students – for further details about entering or catching up on missed tasks, ask your STEAM teacher!