James Becomes British Airways Ambassador

13 January 2020

When Penryn College student and aspiring pilot James Robertson landed his dream work experience role with aviation giants British Airways last year, he was unaware that the opportunity would enable him to become an ambassador for the company just months later. 

The Year 11 pupil earned a highly-coveted place on the London-based British Airways Work Experience Programme during Penryn College’s 2019 Work Experience Week – learning the ins and outs of the industry via behind-the-scenes tours of state-of-the-art aircrafts, insightful talks with BA pilots, and much more. 

Those unique experiences were followed up with another fantastic opportunity for James, when he was invited to enroll on a summer training course which would make him a British Airways Inspire Ambassador – promoting work experience opportunities with the company, and providing an insight into programmes.

“As part of the training process, I was provided with corporate training on presenting, representing the British Airways brand, and gaining confidence in front of large audiences,” said James, when reflecting on his new role with BA. 

“I can now proudly say that I am a British Airways Inspire Ambassador, which means I am able to provide advice to anyone who is interested in earning a work experience placement with British Airways.”

But James’ ambassador training was just one of many elements which made up his time with British Airways, and the aspiring pilot was full of joy when reflecting on taking part in the Work Experience Programme.

“The whole Work Experience Programme was based on flight operations and what it takes to become a pilot, so we worked alongside pilots and pilot recruiters throughout the process,” said James.

“We were based at the Waterside Office headquarters in London, where we learned the best tips and tricks in the industry. We experienced what flight training entails via 747-8 and Airbus A380 flight simulators; flew gliders; toured a double-decker aircraft; and took part in pilot briefings, which detailed how pilots plan routes for each flight.”

Despite James’ dream pilot-operating training, he noted another aspect of the Work Experience Programme as his highlight.

“I enjoyed everything about my British Airways experience, but the highlight was the people that I met along the way; meeting like-minded people who share the same passion I’ve had all of my life was fantastic. Vitally, I also learned how to fulfil my dream of becoming a pilot.”

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