Students, Families, and Staff Celebrate GCSE Results

22 August 2019

There were hugs, smiles, and unbridled jumps for joy at Penryn College on Thursday morning, as Year 11 pupils, alongside their family members and the school’s staff, eagerly opened envelopes to reveal their highly-anticipated GCSE results.

The school’s latest set of GCSE results continue to reflect consistently strong academic performance across a range of subjects, most notably in English and Maths. Overall, more than 70% of students gained five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above, including both English and Maths.

Staff and parents shared the all-important, result-revealing moments with pupils, and were delighted with the phenomenal progress that a wide range of individuals had made since their starting point in Year 7; particular mention should go to the following students for their tremendous academic progress: Mia Barwick, Eliza Benney, Alena Berntzen, Stanley Briers, Jacob Eva, Edward Fellows, Berry Parker, Louis Ratcliffe, Maria Rowse and Jasmine Scott-Dickins.

Incredibly, 11 students gained five or more Grade 9s – deserving of special mention for these outstanding achievements are: Isaac Dale, Maria Rowse and Hollie Davis, who achieved seven grade 9s each, and Lucy Caunter, Molly Green and Fabienne Bull, who achieved a staggering nine grade 9s each.

Additionally, 50 Year 10 pupils received their GCSE RE fast-track exam results; all 50 individuals achieved Grade 5 or above – and 78% per cent of those students achieved Grade 7 or above.

Reflecting on the achievements of the pupils, Headteacher, Paul Walker, said: “Each year our students produce fantastic GCSE results and, once again, we’re incredibly proud of their efforts and results this year.

“The results are a testament to the tireless work that the students, their families, and staff have put in on a daily basis. We saw these students begin their lives at Penryn College as children, and conclude their time at the school as young adults – who have not only succeeded academically, but also in becoming excellent people.”

“In addition, our students’ success in sports and creative arts, and work in the community with local charities, reflects their hard-working and empathetic qualities. Moreover, this makes our Year 11 pupils fantastic role models for our younger students,” concluded Mr Walker.

Former Head Girl, Hollie Davis, was one of the many pupils who registered fantastic results this year, and revealed her delight in earning an amazing seven Grade 9s. She said: “It felt wonderful when I finally opened the envelope to reveal my results – they were so much better than I expected and I felt really proud.

“I’m now looking forward to studying Chemistry, English Language, Maths, and a diploma in pop and rock music at Truro College in September.”

Similarly, Isaac Dale, who also achieved seven Grade 9s, expressed his delight in earning such fantastic results. He said: “I was super nervous on the way to the school this morning – but as I arrived I thought to myself ‘what will be will be’ as I already knew that I’d done the hard bit in sitting the exams.

“When I saw my results, everything felt so surreal – I felt delighted that I was able to go forward with my plans to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics at Truro College in September.”

Among the sea of students and families within the school collecting their much-awaited results was Chair of Governors, Mark Parsons, who was on hand to congratulate a host of pupils.

And speaking after learning this year’s results, Mr Parsons said: “We are so proud of the students, and look forward to seeing them enjoy their next steps in life. They are a real credit to their families, the school, and our community.”