Students, Families and Staff Celebrate Memorable GCSE Results Day at Penryn College

20 August 2020

Year 11 students received a warm welcome back to Penryn College on Thursday morning, featuring the excitement and optimism of a traditional Exam Results Day, as they joined their families and members of staff to collect their much-awaited GCSE results. 

Despite a reduced number of hugs and a different structure to the usual Exam Results Day celebrations, an air of anticipation, pride, and affection filled the College, as pupils shared their result-revealing moments with their loved ones and school staff. 

Indeed, the effort and dedication of Penryn College’s students resulted in some superb exam results, reflecting strong academic performance across a wide range of subjects, which will enable a number of individuals the opportunity to progress towards the next steps of their education and training.  

A number of students were commended for demonstrating phenomenal academic progress during their time at the College, and particular mention should go to: Dora Revell, Jewel Mackay, Teagan Condy, Tegan Agliotti, Charlotte Williams, Chloe Tuffery, Jowan Peck, Jamie Crisp, Natania Adewole, Hannah Hughes, Abigail Ransom, Della Johnson, Finlay Trevartha-Smith, Oliver Heffernan, and Emma Wheeler. 

10 students gained six or more grade 9s; deserving of special mention for these outstanding achievements are: Eve Godfrey Stiles and Jamie Crisp, who achieved six grade 9s each; James ScraseOlver and Martha Lushington, who achieved seven grade 9s each; Katy Robinson and Lucy Nancarrow, who achieved eight grade 9s each; Joe Williams and Abbie Van-Evelingen, who achieved nine grade 9s each, and Cara Jackson and Bryony Clarke, who achieved an incredible 10 grade 9s each. 

Additionally, 56 Year 10 pupils received their GCSE RE Fast Track exam results with huge success. 48 of those pupils achieved a grade 7 or above.  

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the students, Headteacher, Mr Walker, said: “We are so proud of this year groupthey have come through these testing times with such bravery and determination. They thoroughly deserve their hard-earned grades, that reflect over 10 years of education with the support of their loved ones and school staff. 

As a community, we should be proud of the phenomenal progress that many individuals have made during their time at Penryn College. It has been a privilege to witness not only their fantastic academic achievements, but also their contributions to sport, creative arts, and selfless work for the school and local community. They leave the school as excellent, hardworking young adults, that everyone can be proud of, and I wish them the very best of luck for the future.” 

Former Head Girl, Dora Revell, was among a number of pupils who registered fantastic GCSE results this year, and expressed her delight in earning four grade 9s. She said: “I’m so pleased with my results. I was feeling a bit anxious beforehand, but in the end everything turned out so well. 

“In September, I would like to study English Literature, English Language, Politics, and Psychology at Truro College. After that, I would love to go to university, maybe to study journalism.” 

And former Head Boy, Sebastien Gentile, who also earned four grade 9s, reflected on his brilliant results, and revealed his plans for the future. He said: “I’m really, really happy with my results. I was slightly nervous before coming in this morning, but now I’m just so relieved and absolutely delighted. 

“I’m now looking forward to studying History, French, and English Literature at Truro College. Following my time at Truro College, my plan is to study History or History & Politics at university, before going into law.” 

Penryn College Chair of Governors, Mark Parsons, was on hand to congratulate students on their achievements throughout the morning, and fondly reflected on their accomplishments. He said: “The manner in which our students have dealt with everything this year has been incredible. We are so grateful for their perseverance, patience, and bravery, and feel very proud of their achievements. I truly wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavours.