Students Showcase Superhero Games

22 March 2023

This week saw our Year 7 students showcase their very own sustainable-themed superhero video games and figurines to Falmouth University Games Academy graduates, Jamie and Wren!

As part of the project, pupils were tasked with creating a ‘save the planet’ superhero video game via educational programming tool, Scratch – using and developing their coding skills in the process.

Additionally, students produced superhero figurines and packaging, along with supporting information on how they made the game, why they chose it, and the object of it.

And from turtles collecting waste from the bottom of the ocean, to basketball players throwing rubbish into bins – the projects were fantastic, and Jamie and Wren were blown away by what our pupils produced.

A big well done to all students and thank you to Jamie and Wren for visiting us!

Check out some of the photos below!