Students Visit Budock Vean Hotel for Horticulture Day

07 June 2023

Wednesday saw four of our Gardening Project students take part in a Horticulture and Plant Care Taster Day at the Budock Vean Hotel.

The day began with the group having a tour of the gardeners’ grounds and the growing facilities, before they were given a garden design task where they used some of the plants provided to design and make a large pot, ready to be used in the self-catering cottages.

Following this, the group learned how to prepare seedling soil, before potting their own seed trays which they’re now caring for in school. They were then taken on a tour of the gardens, where they were asked to identify some of the plants, and provided with advice on caring for certain types of vegetation.

Concluding the day, the group completed some of the general garden maintenance tasks before heading back to school to share their knowledge and implement their new skills.

A big thank you to the Budock Vean Hotel for allowing our students to visit the grounds and learn some of the tricks of the trade!