Our curriculum is annually adapted to meet the needs of students within teaching groups, and is innovative and flexible. It meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum at all key stages, but aims to be responsive to individual student needs. A central focus is the vital development of literacy and numeracy skills.

We want to develop young people who are ready to make a positive contribution to their community. We want them to be polite, compassionate, considerate, and care for those around them. Our students will have the skills and confidence to communicate well and to organise themselves effectively. They will work independently, work as part of a team, and be able to lead others. We want students who can read fluently, write, and be numerate.

Our students will have a depth of knowledge in a broad range of subjects and study skills. They will know how keep themselves happy, healthy, and safe. They need to be able to play their part a modern democracy, to accept a range of different views, and to use their power to challenge the things that are not right in an appropriate way. We want their experience in school to be fun, engaging and inspiring. They need to leave us knowing there are even better times ahead, and confident that this is just the start. 

As staff and Governors we want to enjoy what we are doing, to be able to focus on the most important aspects of our jobs, and to know we are making a difference. We want to work in an environment where professional expectations of ourselves are high, but the support is even higher. We want parents/carers and the community to see their young people shine in whatever field they choose.     


We regard the curriculum as a whole that is delivered through timetabled lessons, extra-curricular activities and all of the informal interactions between students, staff and the community. 

The aim is to: 

  • Give students the social, emotional and cultural skills to make a positive contribution to the communities they live in;
  • Give students a solid foundation in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy;
  • Develop a breadth of knowledge and skills across a range of subjects, that lead to the right qualifications and experiences for that individual student;
  • Develop a passion, develop their talents and develop a curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around them. 

Our curriculum structure for each subject is very transparent, with each student having a blue ‘overview sheet’ which gives the curriculum for the year. At the start of each unit, a student has a green ‘unit sheet’ which gives a view for the unit. At the end of the unit, students have a yellow ‘reflection sheet’ which gives the progress towards the objectives and an assessment score, 1-9 specific. This is based on an actual moderated assessment. This progress and the results are available on the Virtual School in real time. All curriculum overviews are available here on the website. 

We are also passionate about our curriculum outside of the classroom. We have a significant Study Support programme which involves 80% of students and has a broad offer, from Performance Sport to Gardening Club. We also run a huge range of trips to many countries, including Spain, Italy, Germany and France. This is supported by a strong Careers and IAG programme, that is still committed to a full Work Experience Week for all Year 10 students. 

“We watch them grow and we don’t lose sight of the goals they want to achieve.”

Learning Support Assistant