Please see below for detailed Annual Overviews.

KS3 – Year 7

In Year 7 students will learn about, energy, forces, matter, chemical reactions, genes, organisms, electricity, space and waves. Year 7 will be introduced to the key concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Year 7 will be taught a range of scientific skills throughout the year focussing on method writing, graph skills, identifying experimental variables and the key skill practical terms.

KS3 – Year 8

In Year 8 students to build upon their knowledge of the topics taught in year 7. Year 8 students will be studying forces 2, energy 2, matter 2, chemical reactions 2, genes 2, organisms 2, electricity and ecosystems 2.
By the end of Year 8 we expect students to be able to develop their skills in planning an investigation and analysing data. Year 8 will continue to learn the key skill terminology taught at GCSE.

KS3 – Year 9

Year 9 students will be starting their Science GCSEโ€™s. In Year 9 we expect students to learn about the particle model of matter, atomic structure, cell biology, electricity and the atmosphere. Year 9 students will take part in required practicalโ€™s, which are a formal requirement and students could be asked to apply their knowledge of these specific practicalโ€™s in the GCSE exams.
By the end of Year 9 we expect students to be able to develop their skills in analysing data and evaluating data.