Please see below for detailed Annual Overviews.

KS4 – Year 10

In English in Year 10, students will study the following schemes of work:

  • AQA ‘Love and Relationships’ Poetry or ‘Power and Conflict’ Poetry
  • Modern Drama or Modern Novel
  • Creative Reading and Creative Writing
  • Shakespeare

KS4 – Year 11

Topic: Close study of a 19th Century novel
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, Frankenstein.
Topic: Non-Fiction
Reading – Comparing Texts from the 19th and 21st Century
Writing – Writing to argue and/or persuade
Topic: Revision of the course (Lang)
Lang. Paper 1 – Close analysis of 20th Century fiction extract; Descriptive writing (image stimulus).
Lang. Paper 2 – Writing to Argue and/or Persuade; Comparing 19th and 21st Century non-fiction texts.
Topic: Revision of the course (Lit)
Lang. Paper 1 – Shakespeare; 19th Century novel.
Lang. Paper 2 – Modern texts; ‘Love & Relationships’ poetry cluster; unseen poetry.