Health & Social Care

Autumn term year 10: unit 2 ‘Health and Social Care Values’

  • Explore the care values that underpin current practice in health and social care
  • Investigate ways of empowering individuals who use health and social care services

Spring term year 10: unit 5 ‘Promoting Health and Wellbeing’

  • Explore the purpose, types and benefits of health promotion
  • Investigate how health risks can be addressed through health promotion

Summer term year 10: complete unit 5 and start unit 6

Autumn term year 11: unit 6 ‘The Impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing’

  • Explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced diets on health and wellbeing of individuals
  • Understand the specific nutritional needs and preferences of individuals

Spring term year 11: unit 1 ‘Human Lifespan Development’ (exam unit)

  • Explore human growth and development across life stages
  • Investigate factors that affect human growth and development and how they are interrelated

Summer term year 11 – external exam (worth ¼ of the marks awarded)