Year 10

In Year 10 students will focus on:

  • Building on their Maths skills gained in year 7-9 in preparation for GCSE
  • Development of reasoning and communication of methods both in words and through evidence of steps of workings
  • Development of problem solving skills through the application of mathematics

In Year 10 our students experience 4 “Unit” exams which are sat formally in the hall. Please refer to the green A4 sheets in your child’s exercise book that detail the objectives that will be covered in each of their four units. The objectives are dependent on the route that your child is taking; whether that be Foundation or Higher, targeting grade 1 up to grade 9.


Year 11

In Year 11 our focus is on building on and refining those skills met in the previous years in preparation for those three GCSE papers.

Our year 11’s will be preparing for the OCR Maths GCSE exam which comprises of three papers; the first Calculator, the second Non Calculator and the third Calculator (each 90 minutes long). Some of our students opt into the AQA Further Maths qualification which offers an excellent bridge between GCSE and A level.