Please see below for a detailed Annual Overview.

Year 10

Pupils will:

  • Understand the importance of physical activity and its health benefits through a range of physical activities
  • Develop new physical skills and consolidate others in a range of physical activities
  • Consolidate the social / personal skills of collaboration, communication, responsibility, empathy and self – management


At Penryn College in year 10 Life Skills we expect students to learn different aspects of keeping healthy, safe and active and also to be able to research information that will be of use to them in their careers. A major learning experience for many of our year ten students is the week that students spend in a work placement.

In Life Skills Unit 1 students will explore job families, the local labour market, the requirements for different types of work and consider which kinds of jobs they would like to explore further.

Unit 2 offers opportunities to find out about keeping healthy and safe in the world today. Workshops delivered by outside agencies provide much of the information. Students are also expected to set up and conduct their own primary research on attitudes towards a health or safety issue.

Units 3 students are expected to be able to take an active part in setting up their own placement, going to work for a week and then reflecting on the experience to feedback to others.

Unit 4 Students will have the opportunity to find out more about diversity in the world today.

By the end of Year 10 in Life Skills we expect students to have developed their skills in research from different sources, in presenting information for others and in reflection upon their own learning and skill set so that they can consciously mould their future.

Year 11

Topic: Unit 4 contd. Components of Fitness; Strength x 3, speed, power, CV/CE, ME, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, timing; All linked to skeletal muscular systems Principles of training; Training; Weight, circuit, environment,; Circuit; Environment; Training Year; Interval; Fartlek; Continuous.
Topic: Media; Press TV Internet Radio; Helps participation performance; Different types of output informative, educational etc.; Writers influence; Sponsorship; Range and scope; Advantages and Disadvantages to sport, performer, sponsor; Obtaining sponsorship; Social/Cultural; Etiquette , Fairness, Rules, Peers, Family, Gender, Ethnicity.