Science Trilogy

Please see the Annual Overviews below for more detail.

At Penryn College there are 2 pathways studied in science:

Pathway 1: Science Trilogy.

KS4 – Science Trilogy

Year 10
Students are formally assessed at the end of Year 11 and will gain 2 GCSEs from 6 exams. In year 10 students will cover Biology units 3 – 6, Chemistry units 3 – 5 and Physics units 3 – 4. The Biology will cover the digestive system, circulatory system, disease and drug development as well as respiration and photosynthesis. In Chemistry you will learn about the structure and formation of chemical bonds, the reactivity series and how we can use this when extracting metals, as well as acids and alkalis and neutralisation. Physics will cover electricity, solids, liquids, gases and radiation. Students will undertake required practical’s, with the potential of being asked about these in the exams. Year 10 will be sitting a Biology paper 1, Chemistry paper 1 and Physics paper 1 throughout the year during the whole school assessment dates.

Year 10 topics
B3 – Infection and response
B4 – Photosynthesis
B5 – Homeostasis and response
C3 – Quantitative Chemistry
C4 – Chemical changes
C5 – Energy changes
P3 – Particle model of matter
P4 – Atomic structure
P5 – Forces

Year 11
Students will be completing the content for paper 2 biology, paper 2 chemistry and paper 2 Physics. The biology content includes the nervous and endocrine system, genetics, evolution and ecology. The chemistry content includes rate of chemical reactions, crude oil in organic chemistry, how we analyse substances, composition of the atmosphere and how we manage the Earth’s resources. The physics content include forces, waves and electromagnets.

Year 11 topics
B6 – Inheritance and variation
B7 – Ecology
C6 – Rates of reaction
C7 – Organic Chemistry
C8 – Chemical analysis
C9 – The atmosphere
C10 – Using resources
P6 – Waves
P7 – Magnets and electromagnets