Tea Party with a Twist

14 July 2017

On Thursday 6th July, Year 9 students gathered in the TIA for a very special event. With exams over for the year, students were given the opportunity to create their own pieces of writing, without having to analyse the work of others. Their creative writing task was to write their own Tea themed poetry.

The theme of tea was chosen to coincide with the Gyllingdune Tea Festival which will take place in Falmouth in September. 30 year 9 students (nominated by their peers) competed to present their poetry and art work in the hopes that their work would be chosen for display at the festival.

Judging the beautiful displays were members of the school’s governing body, senior leadership staff and two special guests: a representative from Cornwall Council, and Director of Falmouth Art Gallery Henrietta Boex.

The judges were all very impressed with the effort that had gone into each poem and each display. The quality of the work was so high, that it was decided that all the students’ work would be put on show at the festival.