Weekly Update

17 July 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

have written this update to thank you for your support and to talk through our plans for September. Firstly, though, I would like to let you know that we have appeared in the Western Morning News as part of the Real Schools Guide’. The guide has placed us in the top 10 of all schools in Devon and Cornwall; seven of these schools are selective schools, which makes the achievement even more notable. This is a fantastic accomplishment from all of our students, parents/carers, and staff over the last few years. 

The students have done a wonderful job of completing their work during this difficult time, and I know how hard you have worked as parents/carers to support them. Thank you for supporting the school, and for your patience in working with us in a situation I never for one moment thought could happen.  

Our Virtual Activities Week has been superbwith a huge variety of activities for pupils to take part in, which they have seemed to really enjoy. Year 10 students have also done fantastically well in keeping their work going this weekand it was lovely to see them during their designated days in school.  

This weekstaff have been reviewing all of their classes so that we are sure of the stages pupils are at, and what we need to do to help them catch up and fill in any gaps in the curriculum. This process will allow tutors the opportunity to complete their reports early next week, so that we can send them home to you at the start of the holidays.  

Next week, we will be inviting select students into the school who we believe will benefit from some time with staff to ensure their work is completed. We have been in contact with these pupils and their parents/carers this afternoon (Friday 17 July). We have also sent e-mails to parents/carers of Year 9 and 10 students if they have work which needs to be completed at home next week. We would ask that this work is submitted by Monday 7 Septemberso we know that these pupils are fully prepared for the new school year. 

Throughout this week, we have also spent a huge amount of time preparing and planning for September. Staff have been sorting classrooms and making all of the preparations needed to welcome students back. 


In Septemberwe aim to deliver a full curriculum to all students, including Study Support, where possible. Pupils will be taught by their specialist teachers. In order to achieve this, we will be following the government’s advice and ensuring students remain in their year group bubbles. We will also ensure we reduce the amount of contact between students and staff as much as possible, particularly indoors. 

As you might expect, the preparations we are making are extensive so that the school can operate asafely as possible, while still maintaining a sense of normality. However, there will be some changes to the way the school operates, and we will be writing to you next week to outline the key differences and what can be done to help prepare students. We will then follow this up with more information during the week beginning Monday 17 August. 

Thank you 

Finally, a big thank youagain, for your continued support. Take care. 

Paul Walker