Where Could a Language Take You?

27 September 2023

To raise the awareness of the importance of language learning, members of our MFL department highlight individuals who have progressed in their careers thanks to having knowledge of another language.

This week, the spotlight is on professional footballer Eric Dier, who plies his trade for English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

When working with Pearson Educators and visiting schools to speak about how his language learning has helped his career, Dier said:

“Languages have been an integral part of shaping the person I am today. From my childhood in Portugal, where languages helped me to make friends and understand and thrive in different cultural communities, to communicating effectively with my teammates and coaches in my football career today. People don’t always expect me to be able to speak so many languages, but I enjoy the process of learning them and the world of possibilities it opens up.”

For more on Eric Dier’s language learning, you can view a video documenting his visit to a London-based school by clicking here.