World Book Day 2016

03 March 2016

The English Department dressed up to celebrate World Book Day on the 3rd of March, from Jaws to the Queen of Hearts. Some of the teachers’ favourite characters were represented in their fancy dress outfits. Plenty of book-related activity took place throughout the day for students, from a ‘book surgery’ to a ‘drop everything and read’ session. Daisy Chapman Gardner and Claudia Scott from Year 9 set up a book surgery for pupils outside the library. Any pupil who thought that their reading list needed a ‘check-up’ could attend, and the girls prescribed recommendations for exciting new reads.


Then at 3 o’clock all class-related activity stopped and the classrooms fell silent as teachers and pupils put down their iPads and pens and picked up a book. As part of World Book Day, three English Leaders from Year 8, Jack Dunstan, Barnabie Carlton-Barnes and Ethan Dawe, planned a very special literary treasure trail for their fellow pupils. After brainstorming ideas they came up with a whole school treasure hunt, utilising their fellow pupil’s iPads and incorporating a fun Heroes and Villains theme. By scanning the QR codes hidden all around the school, the pupils were given a clue as to where they could find the next code setting them off on their trail. Scanning a second QR code gave them the name of a hero or villain. Once they had completed the whole trail, the pupils could take their completed list of heroes and villains to the library where the first 10 people to complete the trail with all the correct answers were given a special prize. Great work boys, a fab idea for your fellow students!