World Book Day: Character Costume Competition

13 February 2024

We’re really looking forward to celebrating this year’s World Book Day, which takes place on Thursday 7 March!

As part of our celebrations, students are invited to dress up as a recognisable character from a book.

This is an opportunity to ‘become’ a character for the day and celebrate the world of books and characterisation. It is not an opportunity for students to wear their own clothes to school.


In order to make the most of this competition, we ask that pupils follow these rules:

– The costume should be clearly recognisable as a character.
– The costume must be appropriate for the school environment.
– The costume may not be your normal everyday clothes, e.g. ‘a muggle’.

Best Character Costume Competition

On the day, anyone who would like to dress up in a character costume can meet in E3 during breaktimes to enter our Best Character Costume Competition!
Please note that we would love for students to create their own costumes and use materials they already own rather than having to spend money on this.

Do you have any props/accessories at home that you could adapt?