Year 11 Update

30 April 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s update for Year 11 students and parents/carers below, along with a link to further information on post-16 transition: 

Thank you for your patience and support over this time. I am writing to you regarding arrangements for post-16 transition, GCSE grades, and our prom and yearbook.

Post16 transition

Thank you for your patience while we have worked on this area with our post-16 providers. This has taken some time, but we are delighted to say that we have worked with Truro and Penwith College and Cornwall College to secure a transition programme for Year 11 students. We have agreed that this will be a time-limited programme that will run for four weeks, from 4 May to 5 June, exclusive of half-term. Subject staff at Truro and Penwith College and Cornwall College have set work they believe will prepare students for post-16 study in their chosen courses. Penryn College teachers with specific subject specialisms will support students to complete this work. We will also be including support for those students who will be starting apprenticeship programmes. Students who will be studying with other post-16 providers should contact us if work is not available on our Year 11 group, or the Truro and Penwith College learning platform.

This transition work is not in any way part of the GCSE grading process and obviously not compulsory, but we would urge students to take part in this programme. We are so sad that pupils have missed a key part of their educational experience and worry that nearly five and half months out of academic study will have an impact on their progress. We also hope this programme will ignite an interest in subjects that they are interested in studying in more depth. At the end of the transition work, we will send a letter of acknowledgment to each student who has completed the programme. A copy of this will be sent to the relevant post-16 provider. Finally, many students have said they feel a bit β€˜robbed’ of their moment to finish their studies at Penryn College, draw a line under it, move on, and then look forward to the summer. We believe this month of work, with a clear finish date of 5 June, could help.

The post-16 letter (click here to access) details exactly what you need to know about this programme, and how you can get the best from it. Please read it through and if you have any questions please contact Miss Blackburn ( for A-level, Diploma or BTEC information, or Mrs Snowdon ( for apprenticeship information. You will also receive a copy of the letter in the post. 

GCSE grades 

We now have a clear process in place to send GCSE grades to the exam boards. Following significant statistical analysis, moderationand adjustmentthese grades will be awarded by the exam boards on 20 Augustas planned. Please remember, just like when we send in coursework, we cannot tell you the grade we submit. We are still awaiting specific information for OCR Nationals, BTEC, and Entry Level courses.


Yearbooks are available to purchase via ParentPay until 7 Mayat a cost of Β£17.00 per book. Orders received after this date may be more expensive due to the printers having to do a re-run. Some students still require information for their profiles in the book – Mrs Ohly has emailed pupils with the information required, and would be grateful to receive this by Thursday 30 April. Please help Mrs Ohly produce the best yearbook ever. 

We will be having a prom for this year group, we promise, but, as you can guess, our original dates are looking unlikely. The prom tickets were originally on sale until 7 May, but this will now be extended until, at least, the beginning of June. Mrs Ohly will continue to look at some alternative dates, and will update you on this when more information is available. 
If there are any questions regarding the yearbook or prom, please contact Mrs Ohly via

Stay safe and take care.

Paul Walker