Year 9 give royalty a real Penryn welcome

14 September 2016

Our Year Nine students lined Market Street, Penryn on Thursday 8th September to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester to the town. The sun shone and the students cheered and waved flags enthusiastically. Even bemused local bus drivers and residents were given the royal treatment as they drove past the Town Hall.  Eliza Benney and friends were delighted to be the first people His Royal Highness spoke to as he stepped from his car to meet Mayor Mark Snowdon, Mrs Hunter and other town dignitaries. “Wow! He actually spoke to us!” one of them gasped.

Our students had been invited by the Town Council to share the official opening of Penryn’s 800th birthday celebrations.  They were also impressed to meet the High Sheriff of Cornwall, Mrs Jane Hartley, who explained to them that she is the Queen’s representative in Cornwall.  Happily that does not require her to witness executions, as earlier holders of the office had to do!

Assistant Head teacher, John Harvey, said, “The college very much wants to be part of the Penryn 800 celebrations because students do take pride in the history of their community.  We have all kinds of creative projects on the go – and we are really looking forward to sharing them with everyone next month.”

Mrs Hunter and her gold-edged invitation to meet HRH Prince Richard

Mrs Hunter and her gold-edged invitation to meet HRH Prince Richard