Sports Day 2021

25 June 2021

We are delighted to be able to reward our students for all of their hard work over the last year with an action-packed Sports Day, which will take place on Tuesday 6 July.

Students have demonstrated excellent teamwork and leadership skills to select their events during Lifestyle lessons. There are close to 40 different events to choose from, enabling all students to compete all day in team-based activities, traditional track and field events, and many alternative activities such as Capture the Flag, Dance Off, Assault Course, Climbing, and Biking.

Throughout the day, students will remain in their year group bubbles and will be able to access mobile canteen stands.

More Information

At breaks and lunchtimes, students have been visiting the Amphitheatre to update team sheets, and can continue to do so on Monday and Tuesday during the week beginning 28 June.

Additionally, a kit list and confirmation of events/timings will be shared with students during the week beginning 28 June. Pupils need to check they have the correct PE kit ready for the day. If they have any questions about kit, they should talk to their PE teacher.


If competing in the Biking, do students need to bring their own bike? No, a bike will be provided.

Do girls need to wear PE leggings? Yes, or alternative suitable black bottoms (shorts, skirt). Students are already aware that Nike Pro-style shorts (tight lycra) are not appropriate.

Can students wear face paint? No.

When can students find out the timings and locations of their events? These details will be sent out to tutors and students via their iPads on Wednesday 30 June.

What happens if it rains? We need dry weather for Sports Day to go ahead due to all of the equipment that is being used, and the whole school being outside for the whole day. We will make a decision on whether Sports Day will go ahead the day before the event. Our reserve day is Friday 9 July.