Sports Day 2022: Key Information

05 July 2022

The rearranged date for this year’s eagerly anticipated Sports Day is Tuesday 12 July! To prepare pupils and parents/carers for the day, members of our PE team have put together some important information about the event:

What students need for the day

Students need to arrive at school in their PE kit. They will also need sun cream, a hat, LOTS of water, and – where possible/if they would like to purchase food from the Sports Day BBQ – cash. Further details on the Sports Day BBQ, including prices, are listed below.

– If your child has selected hockey, they will need their shin pads and a gum shield.
– Football and rugby players will need their studs.
– Students taking part in biking are welcome to bring their own helmets, but we will also provide them on the day if needed.

Sports Day BBQ prices (cash only)

Please note that slips will be available for free school meal pupils on the day.

Beef Burger – £1.20
Cheeseburger – £1.50
Hot Dog – £1.00

Oasis – £1.40
Radnor Splash 330ml – £0.60
Radnor Splash 500ml – £1.10
Suso – £1.40
Apple Juice – £0.40
Water 330ml – £0.50
Water 500ml – £1.00
Water 1.5 Litre – £1.50
Calippo – £1.50