Coronavirus Update

22 May 2020

Please see Mr Walker’s latest update below:

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your support this half term – the students have been magnificent and you must have worked so hard to keep them organised. Next week is, of course, half term, so we will not be setting any work for students – I hope they have a nice break. Set work will be available online by midday on Monday 1 June, and will need to be completed by 10.00am on Friday 5 June.

Although the College is closed to students next week, we will still have staff available to deal with your enquiries. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to e-mail or phone 01326 372379.

Last week, I detailed the four challenges that we face, and we are working hard to respond to these: 

·         Ensuring our online work remains high in quality, engaging, and introduces new learning;

·         Ensuring we have the capacity for increased numbers of eligible students in school;

·         Supplementing Year 10 online work with some face-to-face contact;

·         Ensuring we are able to provide a suitable transition program for Year 6 students coming to Penryn College.

As you know, ‘eligible’ students are now being encouraged to attend school rather than remain at home. The students that make up this group are Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) pupils, children of key workers, vulnerable students, and ‘near’ vulnerable students. Parents and carers will be able to make the decision on sending their children into school or keeping them at home. If your child is in any of the aforementioned categories, you will be contacted; please do not send your child into school on Monday 1 June without discussing plans with us. 

We expect the increase in numbers of students attending school to be gradual, and we have spent a considerable amount of time planning and redesigning the school so our protocols and procedures are in place to make this as safe as possible. Following the half term break, we will continue to detail protocols to staff so that we will be ready for a gradual increase in numbers from Monday 8 June.


Thank you for your feedback and support. One of our key aims for next term is to ensure that our online work remains fresh, creative, and introduces new learning for all students. We know how much pupils value the personal touch, and we will be sharing good practice with all staff so that this continues to develop.

Online access

If you are having trouble accessing the internet, please e-mail – we will try to ensure your child can get online rather than ask you to collect printed work.

Changes to Year 9 online learning 

We are incredibly proud of the fantastic online learning that Year 9 students have been completing. As we approach the final half term of the academic year, it is the right time for Year 9 to begin the transition from Key Stage 3 to GCSEs and Year 10. We would like to undertake this in two phases:

Phase one:

As of 1 June, Year 9 students should only complete work for subjects they will be studying in Year 10. Therefore, they will continue to study Core subjects (English, Maths, and Science), Complimentary Core subjects (PE, Lifestyle, and RE), and their chosen Option subjects, if they were already studying them in Year 9. During this phase, some teachers may begin to incorporate GCSE work into the weekly learning. If this is the case, they will make this clear.

In addition – so that students can complete their STEAM projects – they will continue to study STEAM for one further week (1 June – 7 June). 

Phase two:

From 15 June, Year 9 students will be able to undertake enrichment and pre-reading activities which will prepare them for their new GCSE courses. This phase is for option subjects that were not taught at Key Stage 3, e.g. iMedia or Health and Social Care.

If your child is unsure as to what options they have selected, please contact the school reception and staff will be able to provide you with this information. We will also publish new Showbie codes for three subjects – this is where work will be published each week.

We very much hope that by making these changes, it will provide our Year 9 students with the best possible transition to Year 10, and that they will make the most of their time in what continues to be a challenging period for them.

Thank you

Take care over the half term and thank you for your support. If you need anything, please just let us know.

Paul Walker