Penryn College Named as ‘Creativity Collaborative’ by Arts Council England

03 December 2021

Penryn College has been named as one of eight Creativity Collaboratives in England, following a successful application to Arts Council England.

Selected schools are to build a network of partners which will test new methods of teaching and learning, exploring how teaching for creativity across the curriculum prepares young people for a future in a changing workforce. 

As part of the programme, all students will take part in an evaluation survey to explore their current thoughts and options. 

Commenting on the announcement, Headteacher, Mr Walker, said: “We are thrilled that we have been selected as a Creativity Collaborative. We are excited to work in partnership to establish a creative strategy and pedagogy to ensure our students are best prepared for the modern workforce.

“Our plans seek to serve our schools and their communities, with ambitious aims to nurture young people’s creative capacity. We can’t wait to get started!”